CTDint creates investment opportunities based on entrepreneurial principles tailored to our clients’ investment objectives. Our interests span various fields; however, our primary focus is on real estate, modern agriculture, tourism and green energy.

Market development
Investment opportunity
CTDint together with Greenhouse Investment Group believes that by changing the way we view our waste and its relationship with our urban landscapes, we are able to mine (collect and salvage) valuable commodities for recycling or selling back into our diverse supply chains and begin the journey to a zero-landfill future. CTDint and Greenhouse Investment Group have market development rights to a next-generation hydrometallurgical process that has been developed by our Australian partner, Neometals Limited (Neometals) to recycle lithium-ion batteries (LIB), namely LCO, NCA, and NCM chemistries. We are looking for suitable partners/locations in Europe to set up our shredding centers and/or refining facilities, concentrating on Scandinavia, UK, Italy, Slovakia and the Balkan region.
The luxury estate Villa Rašica stands near the strict center of Dubrovnik, Croatia, the world famous tourist destination. A former summer residence from the 16th century with the last available building plots in the city. Available for private or commercial uses with additional building options. A highly demanded area, since world known hotels are within a few meters. Plot prices around Dubrovnik are 3000,00€/m2 or higher.
Exclusive real estate investment project on one of the last available building plots in Portorose. It is a luxury and famous holiday destination in northern Istria, the city will spoil you with its restaurants, clubs and the casinos will keep you on your toes late into the night.
Building land 50.000 m2 with all of the documentation for a complex of 25.048 m2 is owned by the company BENECO d.o.o. dedicated for multiple purposes: hotel, thermal-medical center, maternity home, hospital, nursing home, sheltered housing/retirement housing… and the green supporting areas (natural swimming pools, recreational space, bungalows, herbal garden…).
The exclusive BELLE ISTRIA settlement is designed in the style of an Istrian village with 9 separate villas. All of them are designed as BIO, low-energy premises build with natural materials. Area has an extremely favourable climate, which is very pleasant for people with health issues and is also a perfect location for the elderly population. Plots nearby are currently in high demand, since there are many new villas nearby. Many years in a row Tinjan is hosting International prosciutto fair, their recognizable event has grown into region’s tradition, organised by Municipality of Tinjan (in 2006 declared as “Municipality of Istrian prosciutto”).